About Charter Construction


In 1978, two men built a small office and a shed on top of a hill on Kentucky Avenue in Nashville, TN. From the day that the doors of that office opened up, a desire for quality, an attention to customer service, and a strong work ethic were the foundations upon which those two men built their company. A loyal repeat customer base soon followed, and Charter Construction was off and running. Four decades later, that hill on Kentucky Avenue has a few more buildings on it, and is home to one of the region’s premier full-service concrete contractors.

Today, we at Charter Construction are both leaders and students of the industry in which we operate. We strive to drive change in the way the concrete construction industry operates, while also never ceasing to learn and adapt. Through 40 years and counting of gaining knowledge and building meaningful relationships with clients and trade partners alike, we are working hard to be the go-to partner in concrete construction in our region.


Leadership Team


Turner Talley

Richard Wilson
VP, General Superintendent