As much as buildings matter to us, people matter more. At Charter, we are a family, and we treat and look out for each other as such. When it comes to safety, we believe compromises are unacceptable. We think critically about how everything we do affects the safety and well-being of our employees, and other employees that we work alongside on the jobsite. We are constantly implementing new products and practices to improve. Construction can be dangerous, but it doesn’t have to be.

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We focus on promoting safe working practices at every level of our company. Safety does not run through the conventional operational hierarchy at Charter. Every single employee, from the veteran superintendent to the inexperienced laborer at his or her first day on the job, is empowered and encouraged to immediately address unsafe practices and potential hazards, regardless of how it may affect cost or productivity. While a culture of safety must be initiated by those in leadership positions, it really comes to life when every employee is given ownership and responsibility of the safety of the environment around them.

Inspections and Trend Analysis

We have a team of dedicated and trained safety professionals that visits every jobsite regularly, addressing specific needs of the project team relating to creating a safer working environment and performing weekly safety inspections to check for compliance with Charter, general contractor and OSHA regulations. Any non-compliant items are addressed immediately at the jobsite. Furthermore, the inspections are organized into a historical database that provides vital trend analyses that allow us to identify improvement areas, and act on them quickly.

Start with Safety

In order to establish a safety-first attitude, we start every work day, on every jobsite, with that in mind. Every team starts the day with a period of stretching exercises, followed by a pre-task plan discussion that addresses specific activities to be performed that day, identifying potential hazards and safety precautions. In addition, the Safety Director distributes weekly tool-box discussion topics to field supervisors that address relevant safety issues for their current work, that are season- and weather- specific. These talks are held weekly with the entire project team.

Training and Orientation

We strive to equip our employees with as much knowledge and confidence as possible for them to perform their job correctly and safely. In addition to our new employee orientation class for every Charter employee before he or she steps onto a jobsite, we provide, and mandate, regular training sessions for OSHA certification, CPR/first aid, rigging, fall protection, lift operation, and more.


We believe employee well-being extends far beyond construction-specific activities at the jobsite. A healthy lifestyle beyond work is just as important as knowing how to safely rig a load to a crane. We offer free exercise and diet consultations at our office for all employees and encourage participation in company-wide health programs.